notepad plus plus logoNotepad++ is an excellent text editor. It is primarily designated for programmers, web designers and those who want more than the modest functionality of the built-in Windows “Notepad”. The Notepad++ installation package has a small size, uses minimal processing resources and is distributed as open-source software. Functions: support of syntax for a huge number of programming languages and markup; conversion between Windows/ Unix/ Mac formats; various character sets and encodings; search with auto substitution; print function; auto-completion of words; macros; plugins; user-friendly interface with tabs, a complete set of additional useful tools, etc.

Sublime Text

sublime text logoSublime Text is a text-based editor with code highlighting and support for numerous programming languages.  It was developed by programmers for programmers, and it was created to meet all of a programmer’s needs for a text-based editor. Sublime Text has an excellent and stylish modern interface. It supports themes that change not only their colour scheme of the window itself, but also the font and colours of syntax highlighting. Sublime Text has become very popular thanks to the ability to extend its functionality with plugins. You can use additional plugins that will turn this simple text-based editor into almost a full IDE. At first, you may find using Sublime Text to be rather difficult and uncomfortable. But after a few hours of working with it, you will definitely begin to realize its advantages and soon Sublime Text will become your favourite text-based editor.

Vim editor

vim logoVim is a very interesting and unusual text editor. This application provides a number of unique functions that distinguish it from other text editors that may be more familiar to users. If you have Vim, you can use many functions that greatly accelerate the speed you are able to work with text files. One of Vim’s great features is its interface, even though it may make you feel dizzy the first time you use it. But learning how to effectively use the interface is not as difficult as it may seem at first. After spending some time learning the hot keys and executive instructions you will notice that your operating speed has greatly increased. After a few weeks, you will be able edit and create documents without looking at the keyboard or using the mouse!