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Notepad++ is a text editor that is widely used not only by developers, webmasters, and modifiers, but also by ordinary people who are in some way involved in editing. The program is distributed as free software; it has open source code, uses minimal computer processing resources, and loads quickly. It was designed primarily as a source code editor. Notepad++ is often used to open a variety of text files.

The program opens text files in separate tabs. While editing, the user can move between them, activate the necessary document, make changes to it, and save it by clicking a mouse button. When the program is closed and re-launched, the tabs that were open when the program closed all automatically open again.

The program can perform the functions of a file manager, so viewing files located on the computer and opening them in an installed browser is also possible.

However, the main feature of Notepad++ is the support of plugins, which provide functional enhancement of this editor. The program includes additional plugins that enable spell checking, automatic saving of documents, symmetric and asymmetric text encryption, HEX-editor, FTP- manager, and many other features.

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Notepad++ tips and tricks

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Hotkeys in Notepad++
General Ctrl+O – Opens a new document Ctrl+N – Opens a new tab Ctrl+W – Closes the current tab Ctrl+S – Save Ctrl+Alt+S – Save as… Ctrl+Shift+S – Save all tabs Ctrl+C – Copy Ctrl+X – Cut Ctrl+A – Pick out all Ctrl+V – Paste…
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