Compare Plugin for Notepad++

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Notepad++ features a large number of plugins that may be very helpful to you while working in the editor. For example, the Compare plugin allows you to compare a file BEFORE and AFTER you change it (if there is a saved copy of the file).

For instance, I often make changes in the style.css file (on customers’ orders or while creating an html-css template page). Code reworking is really tedious, partly because you have to enter all changes in a logbook, which is not always convenient and adds a lot of extra time beyond just doing the coding changes.

The Compare Plugin offers the following options:

  • An option of highlighting differences inside lines;
  • Easy navigation between differences;
  • Comparison with regard to SVN database;
  • The navigation bar shows a map of the compared files;
  • Detecting of movement of the lines.

How to install Compare Plugin for Notepad++

Click the shortcut Plugins in the top menu. Then in the list that appears, choose Plugin Manager -> Show Plugin Manager.

Find Compare Plugin in the window that opens. Put the mark in the check box to activate it, and click the Install button.

Compare Plugin for Notepad++

After installing, close the editor and re-launch it.

In order to activate the text file comparison mode in Notepad++, use the menu Plugins > Compare > Compare, or use the hotkey Alt + D. The editor will then open files in two panes in the same window.

The differences between your two HTML or PHP files will be highlighted for an easy comparison. The normal operation mode is still available, just open the menu and select Plugins > Compare > Clear Results, or use the hotkey Ctrl + Alt + D. You should know one more thing: you can configure Notepad++ to split the panes either horizontally or vertically. To choose the orientation you prefer, right-click the divider between the panes and select the desired direction of rotation (right or left).

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