Notepad ++: How to install plugins

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It is very easy to install plugins for Notepad ++! You don’t need to download or import anything. The Notepad ++ text editor supports a wide variety of plug-ins that help to speed up and to improve the work you do with the program.

To install a plugin, select “Plugins” in the program menu, then “Plugin Manager” and “Show Plugin Manager”.

 Notepad ++: How to install plugins

Then check the plugin you need and click “Install” in the Plugin Manager window that opens. You can select a plugin to view a brief description of its functionalities.

After you install the plugin and restart the program, the plugin installed will be displayed in the “Plugins” menu, where you will be able to change its settings.

The Plugin Manger is an incredibly handy thing, you can use it to see all the plugins you have installed under the “Installed” tab, as well as remove or re-install them. You can see if plugins you are using can be updated by using the “Updates” tab.

If you wish to use a plug-in that is not included on the list, such as a plugin you have downloaded from a website, you must install the plugin by accessing the menu “Options” > and select “Import plugin” at the bottom of the list. Then specify the path to the file with the .dll extension, click “OK”, and restart the Notepad ++ editor. That’s all!


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