Removing duplicate lines in Notepad ++

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It is often necessary to delete multiple duplicate lines when processing large text documents. This operation could take hours if done manually but can be completed with two mouse clicks using Notepad++ and the TextFX Characters plugin. To remove duplicate rows:

  • Open the text document in Notepad++
  • Select the whole text.
  • Use the tab TextFXmenu ->TextFX Tools -> Sort lines case insensitive.

Please note that the “Sort outputs only UNIQUE lines” function must be ON.

Removing duplicate lines in Notepad ++

That’s all – the lines are now sorted with neither repetitions nor duplicates.

If the TextFX Characters plugin is not installed, do the following:

  • Open Plugins -> Plugin Manager
  • On “Available” tab tick off “TextFX Characters”.
  • Press “Install” button.

The program will require a restart. After restarting there will be an additional tab for this plugin’s menu.

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