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Sublime Text is a multi-functional text-based editor with wide range of convenient tools for highlighting, marking and processing text code fragments.

The interface of this editor is quite minimal. However, its speed of operation is high and its responsiveness to all of your programming needs is excellent. Sublime Text supports numerous programming languages (C++, Dylan, Erlang, HTML, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Markdown, MATLAB, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, XML, etc.) and you can choose from 20 colour schemes to customize how your code is displayed.

I would like highlight one of Sublime Text’s great features as an example: there is a column on the right side of the editor called the minimap. The minimap displays approximately 5-6 text screens in miniature, and makes it very easy to move over the code quickly in order to find necessary elements.

Code writers know the importance of highlighting in a text-based editor. Sublime Text provides various highlighting features, such as allowing you to find and highlight the nearest matching parentheses, or placing the cursor inside some complex function. These features are very convenient and practical.

Sublime Text also provides many advantageous features for working directly with the text: snippet support, auto completion of function input, implementation of macros, a useful search feature, a spelling checker, multiple highlighting, bookmark placement, autosave and many others. Furthermore, the editor’s functionality can be extended by using plugins.

Sublime Text can be configured very flexibly. Virtually all of its options are adjusted manually in the text files – you can see all of the configurable parameters with a description of the purpose for each. Hotkey combinations are available for frequently used functions. All in all, the advantages of Sublime Text are valuable to anyone who is engaged in editing code or layout in one way or another – programmers, administrators, etc.

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