Sublime Text – ColorPicker plugin for color selection

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I often found myself thinking that the Sublime Text editor lacks one convenient feature – a tool for color selection during the coding process.

For example, suppose I have a divblock and it is necessary to make a background fill via CSS- i.e. a background color property. Where can I find the HEX-format or RGBA color value I need? If you tell me that I should remember all these values, you must be joking! It is possible to remember maybe 5-10 values, but that is not even close to all the values that I would regularly need. I could store HEX/RGBA values in a table, but this list is hard to keep track of and I am always searching for where I saved it every time I need it.

Part of what I do is to always try new HTML-editors, premium and free. Of course, paid editors are more customized and convenient to work with. In premium editors such as JetBrains WebStorm, Adobe Dreamweaver, or EmEditor there is a function that provides an automated trapping of an event when I try to add a color for an element while coding.

That is awesome stuff and very convenient, isn’t it? Why not attach such a thing to the Sublime Text editor by using a plugin?

Sublime Text – ColorPicker plugin for color selection

Installing “ColorPicker” for Sublime Text is completed quickly and conveniently by using the package manager. If you are interested in reading more about the “ColorPicker” plugin, you can visit its project page on GitHub –

To open the “ColorPicker” plugin after it has been installed, you need to press the following hotkey combination:

  • for Windows: Ctrl+Shift+C
  • for OS X: Cmd+Shift+C
  • for Linux: Ctrl+Shift+C

Sublime Text – ColorPicker plugin

This will open a window for selecting a color – simply choose and paste the color you need.

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