How to Install Sublime Text in Ubuntu

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Sublime Text is a sophisticated cross-platform text editor with syntax highlighting and a wide functionality thanks to its flexible settings and a vast selection of available plugins.

There are versions for Windows, OS X and Ubuntu available for downloading on the developer’s website. Most Windows users have hardly any questions about installing the editor, but users, especially new users, very often have questions about the installation of Sublime Text in Ubuntu. This post is addressed precisely to help them.

The Installation of Sublime Text 2

Add the repository Sublime Text 2 Ubuntu PPA:

Then install Sublime Text 2 stable build:

Or Sublime Text2 development build, it’s up to you:

The Installation of Sublime Text 3

Add the repository Sublime Text 3 Ubuntu PPA:

Install Sublime Text 3:

The package sublime-text-installer will automatically download the latest version of the editor and will install it.

How to open a file in Sublime via the terminal

Everything is quite simple if you have installed the editor from the repository correctly. By opening the terminal you can run the editor with the help of the command subl or subl file.html to open a file you need.

You have done it! Let’s enjoy it and work with one of the most advanced text editors yet developed.


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