Vundle – plug­in manager for Vim

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Install, remove and find new plugins for Vim all in one place. A critical feature, as Vim without plugins is not Vim at all.

Vundle is a package manager for Vim, the same as a Bundler for Ruby. It organizes the directory structure and also allows you to:

  • track and configure plug­ins directly in vimrc;
  • install and update plug­ins;
  • easy search plug­ins (vim­, github);
  • delete unused plugins;
  • maintain plug­ins in interactive mode.

Usually vim directory has this mode.

The problem faced by users in this case is that in order to update the plugin you need to find all of the files that the plug-in consists of and delete each of them. Only then can you reinstall the plugin. This method is somewhat manageable if there are only a few plugins installed. But if there are more than 10 plugins installed it becomes really terrible!

Vundle helps to solve this problem. It makes the Vim directory accurate and easy to use by having each plugin quietly rest in its own directory and not touch any other plugin. And the Vundle installation is simple:

Add the following lines to vimrc:

For github information repositories you only need to specify the username/repo_name. To link scripts with vim/scripts you need to specify their names as used on The last example shows how to hook git repositories.

Now you have a list of plug-ins that you want to use in vimrc. What’s next? Open Vim and run the command :BundleInstall. This will install all the plug-ins written in your vimrc. This command is also responsible for updating plug-ins.

If you want to delete a plug-in, remove it from your vimrc (or comment it out). Then a simple command :BundleClean removes all the plug-ins that are not defined in vimrc.

Check out the installed plug-ins using :BundleList.

Another huge plus in favor of Vundle plug-in manager is search :BundleSearch foo will find foo plugin.

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